Custom Design Instructions

Welcome to our custom product designer!

Here’s how to create your customized product:

  1. Choose your product: Select the type of product you want to customize, whether it’s a sweatshirt, tshirt, hoody, etc.
  2. Browse designs: Explore our premade color guard and winter guard designs. Click on the design that catches your eye to select it.
  3. Customize colors:
    • a. Design colors: Once you’ve selected a design, you can change the colors of the elements within the design. On the left side, you will see color swatches for each of the colors in the design you chose. Click on the color swatches provided and change the color to one you would prefer. The color on the picture will be the color that the design is printed in.
    • b. Item color: You can also choose the color of the item itself. Click on the item color option and select the color you desire from the available choices.
  4. Preview your design: Before finalizing your order, take a moment to preview your customized product. Make sure the colors and design elements are exactly as you want them.
  5. Add to cart: Once you’re satisfied with your customized product, add it to your cart.
  6. Review your order: Before checking out, review your order to ensure everything is correct, including the product type, design, and colors.
  7. Checkout: Proceed to the checkout page to complete your order. Enter your shipping and payment information, then submit your order.
  8. Sit back and relax: Once your order is placed, we’ll take care of the rest! Your custom-designed product will be crafted and shipped to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for choosing Aimie! If you have any questions or need assistance at any point during the customization process, feel free to reach out to our customer support team for help.

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