Our Story

As a stay-at-home mom with a large family and a single income, frugality and budgeting has been always been essential in our household. When my girls were little, there were many occasions when the crafts and activities I wanted to do with them just weren’t feasible for us at the time. One summer, I couldn’t afford to buy cute t-shirts for my five daughters for The 4th of July, I decided to make my own shirts for them so that they could still be cute and festive for the holiday and I wouldn’t break the bank. I found the process of designing and making the shirts to be interesting an fun, and I started looking for other opportunities to make them, and thus Aimie’s Creations was born.

As my girls got older and started participating in extracurricular activities and sports, I realized how expensive uniforms, team gear, and parent wear were, and how big of a barrier that could be for some students to participate in those activities. Since starting my business, I researched and implemented ways to cut costs while still maintaining high quality, so I approached one of the coaches of my daughter’s team and asked about letting my company provide these items at a much lower cost. Not only did the coaches appreciate having a more affordable solution, but the parents did too. As time went on and I attended more games and competitions for my daughters, I saw other schools and their team apparel. You could tell which teams had money—and therefore nicer uniforms, costumes, etc.—and which teams did not. I was able to make connections with those other teams and coaches and offer them more affordable options.

I’m committed to ensuring that all teams and groups, no matter the size or level of funding, can get high quality team gear that will foster equality and team unity. I have seen the ways in which matching, high quality uniforms encourage team pride and success. Team uniforms and spirit wear represents commitment and value to the team, and by making them more accessible to these teams, their confidence and unity grow, and they are more likely to reach their full potential.

“I am a small business owner driven by a deep passion for my children and a commitment to making a positive impact in my community. I strive to help those around me by providing an affordable alternative that will allow everyone an option to acquire the same quality of custom clothing and gifts.” -Aimie

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